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Find out how MigoIQ in your location makes every customer a VIP and every visit a success.

The future of
shopping is personal.

Your brand is unique. Your customers are, too; they crave personalized interaction. They want offers that match their individual preferences.

Digital brands have the technology to provide that personalization. Brick-and-mortar brands have struggled to keep up.

It’s about time something changed.

The future of
shopping is intelligent.

Migo IQ is the first real-world recommendation engine. It brings the power of machine learning to physical products and experiences.

Unique offers for every customer, at every touch point. Automatic personalization, no extra staff needed. The right offers, at the right place and time, for dramatic increases in revenue.

It’s intelligence on autopilot.

The future of
shopping is here.

Say goodbye to old, clunky technology, cheesy sales tactics, one-size-fits-all advertising, and wasted marketing dollars.

Say hello to migo IQ: real-time data, hands-free automation, working on 100% of your inventory for truly personal, truly intelligent shopping.

Now available for your brand.

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Beacon Technology

iBeacon, Eddystone, or BLE for real-time and offline offer generation and data collection; GPS and iBeacon location monitoring. More beacons per square foot than any other system.

Machine Learning

Real-time offer generation from hybrid, memory and model collaborative filtering using Spark MLib, HBase and Hadoop.

Data Protection

Broadcast-only: consumer data is tracked (not recorded) only if the user opts in. Data is never sold or shared, and there's no loss of existing personal data, at any time, even if customers turn the app off and on.

Mobile APPS

Android/iOS APPS and SDK for both consumer offers and plug-and-play beacon administration; heat map, analytics, and insights included.

True Personalization

Searches are tracked and product views are tracked by customer position and time next to each product, then personalized recommendations are built via machine learning comparisons.

Full Automation

Scales to 100% of inventory, generates and tests offers with no manual A/B testing or marketing staff needed. You can control it manually... But you don't ever have to.

Hassle-Free Use

Installed by a team of pros who check everything from carrier signal strength to best placement of beacons on store shelving. Full-featured admin dashboard makes beacon management easy and intuitive.

Easy Integration

Built from the ground up to play nice with your current point-of-sale system or customer loyalty program. No data lost, no time lost.

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retail without relevance is so last century.

Migo is unlimited, automated, and intelligent.

It’s a self-managing sales growth machine, finally enabling brick-and-mortar businesses to match and outperform their digital competitors.

It’s the future of shopping. It’s the future of your brand.

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