Beacons of Hope

Beacons of Hope is a customizable monitoring and tracking platform which creates transparency and efficiency within key industries which include:


  • Disaster Relief
  • Transportation
  • Logging
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling
  • Logistics


Web Platform

Monitor by any facet: vehicle, cargo, location, driver, personnel, etc.

Real Time Updates

See your equipment and locations on the map at real-time and track their progress. You will always know what is happening in your operations.


Monitoring System

Monitor your equipment speed, location, gas consumption and other key variables which will help you optimize your operations and resources



Many operations rely on compliance from Government and Federal agencies. With the Beacon of Hope platform you can be transparent and about your operation and open the data to third parties for viewing.


Route Creation

We utilize Machine Learning for creating optimal routes while tracking your personnel while on the job.


Mobile App

Our cloud-based application helps us sync all data across devices used for the job.


Real-time route direction which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to show the optimum path.


Real Time Tracking

Track your personnel’s progress by installing our mobile app on their phones and viewing their progress while recording data.


Stay Alerted

Create and manage notifications for speeding, idling, mileage, and more.