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August 23, 2016

Bringing back your back-to-school shoppers

By Mandy Hawkins

The first day of school: kids dread it, parents celebrate it. No other day in a year can collectively conjure up such an emotional wave. As the retailer, you celebrate your portion of success, considering that most American families spent somewhere around $75.80 on back to school supplies.

As families find themselves in the rhythm of bus stops, homework, and after-school activities, you now focus on how to make loyal customers out of those who supported your business for their academic needs. After all, the holiday shopping season is just around the corner (we’re not suggesting you put out the decoration just yet).

Here are some great ways to keep the momentum moving forward.

Make it Fun!

Life is too serious. Everyone craves deviations from the seriousness of life. Because your business has already created a community in social media (and if you haven’t you should because it is all part of your customer’s omnichannel experience), try starting a campaign where you brand features real customer experiences, using #backtoschool. Get creative, and get involved.

Give Back

Nothing says you care more than actually showing that you care. Being a part of your community means getting involved when members of your community need a little help. Customers appreciate this kindness too.

In fact, your customers will circle around your cause if you invite them; 72% say they’ll donate and 65% say they have a more positive impression of businesses that get involved. Giving back is good for everyone.

Use Your Data Wisely

You’re already collecting data and know that Suzie Shopper spent money on her son’s favorite pair of sneakers. Why not offer coupons tailored to her family’s needs? She will thank you by returning at Christmas to replace the shoes her son has likely already grown out of.

Follow Up

Hopefully all of your transactions were smooth and easy for your customer.

Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances shift, disrupting the happy flow you’ve worked hard to establish in your customer’s omnichannel experience. That’s okay because 86% of customers are pleased when you follow up to reassure them that you will make it right.

We all learn from our mistakes. Listening, really listening, not only helps prevent future issues for potential customers, but keeps your relationship with your established customer solid.

In order to turn your back to school customers into loyal fans, the most important thing to remember is to see your customers as people, not transactions. Show them you care by getting involved, giving back, knowing their wants and needs, and following up if problems arise. Happy customers are always worth the effort.