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July 23, 2016

Seeing Puerto Rico in Spain: fragments from the other side of the Atlantic

By Ana Portnoy Brimmer

In 1898, Spain’s 400 year-old colonial grip on Puerto Rico was severed. After three months of warfare with the United States, the archipelago was handed over by the waning Iberian super-power to the US, alongside Guam, the Philippines, and, for a while, Cuba. Nonetheless, 400 years are not easily erased or forgotten.


The streets of Gracia, Barcelona, tiled, charmingly narrow, intricately painted, and draped with independence flags, were bustling with life. It was a cool and crisp Monday afternoon in May as I drank my cortado1 in La Plaza de la Revolución2, everyday life unfolding around me. This square was named after the Glorious Revolution in 1868, in which Queen Isabella II was deposed. Interestingly, that same year, the Grito de Lares, a revolt for independence and against Spanish rule, took place in Puerto Rico. I took another sip of my coffee, intrigued by the revolutionary coincidence.

July 02, 2016

Puerto Rico: a small island with a big vision for the future

By Paloma M. González Sánchez

Read this post in Spanish.

A country that invests in knowledge should not fear its destination. We live in a technological age where personal and public life are an intertwined thread, where modernity educates both youth and adults. What is already certain is that we are closer to a globalized and connected world as never seen before, in the most unexpected ways.

June 18, 2016

5 unlikely startups teaching us 5 unlikely lessons

By Mandy Hawkins

We’ve all heard it said that with age comes wisdom.  However, age should not be the barrier that divides solid advice from the things we leave behind.  These startup companies offer up wisdom that entrepreneurs, seasoned business veterans, and everyone in between can apply to life.

Lesson 1: Simple ideas can become worldwide movements with a little help from friends.

When maternity-driven bedrest was mandated for VarageSale’s founder, she quickly realized that there needed to be a better solution to the online garage sale communities that were forming on popular social media sites.  With the help of her developer-husband, friend who acted as the site admin for a Facebook sale page, and her own maternal intuition, she formed an online garage sale app that was instantly mother-approved.

June 17, 2016

Tangled up in Calle San Juan

By Ana Portnoy Brimmer

“Vroom, vrooooooom!” the little boy pushes his toy car across the bar.

The miniature blue vehicle twists and turns around beer cans, a plate of arroz con habichuelas, and the bartender's hands.

Ven pa’cá, nene, take a bite,” says the bartender from behind the counter, pointing a spoonful of rice and beans in the toddler’s direction.

Hola, mi amol! Fix me a drink, will you? I’m thirsty!” a woman with a cake-batter face, thick lipstick, and clumped mascara walks behind the counter and kisses the bartender on the cheek. They exchange some remarks and laughs, and take their alcoholic beverages outside, on the street. The bar is casually left unattended.

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