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October 11, 2016

Inspired Buying: how retailers can use the power of the pin

By Mandy Hawkins

Picture this: It’s the holiday shopping season in Nostalgiaville, USA.  

A fresh snow is glistening on the trees, lampposts, and windowsills.  With a list in hand, your customers walk Main Street, certain they will find shopping inspiration in your beautifully staged store windows.  

This inspiration leads to purchases that are certain to be the most treasured gifts received.  

Now let’s glimpse into reality: It’s cold, and the inconvenient slush that fell last night has left a gray muck all over town.  

Your customer has a to-do list a mile long and one kid has soccer on this end of town at the same time the other has karate on the other end.  Your customer has to find a special gift for a bride-to-be, and needs to pick up an outfit that shows some sense of style, but doesn’t outshine the happy couple.  

How do you inspire your customer between the mucky mess and carpool?  Pinterest, of course!  Here are our top takeaways for harnessing the power of the pin.

Recommendations Translate to Purchases

Whether it be a retailer’s board, or a pin recommended through a peer, 75% translated into purchases. With Pinterest’s Buyable Pins, your customers can complete their purchase without leaving the platform.  You’ve just raised the bar on your customer’s omnichannel experience.

Capitalize on Creativity

Pinterest is a visually rich catalog of ideas.  Make sure your images are the best representation of your brand-- but don’t stop there!  Follow the lead from Nordstrom’s and create boards that highlight your products in unique ways, such as their 9-to-5 board.  Create suggestive ways to inspire your clients.

Connect Your Channels

Because of the nature of the platform, it is even more important for your activity to lead your customers to the correct channels.  Does your pin tell a story?  Connect it to your blog.  Does your pin highlight a new line?  Connect it to your website.  Again, this is another way to ensure your story is the same across all of your channels.

Know Your Audience

With over 70% of the 110 million monthly users being female, it helps to understand your demographic before composing your pins.  This doesn’t mean that every pin has to involve cosmetics or handbags.  It does mean that all of the big data you’ve gathered should speak to your audience’s preferences.

Take Advantage of the Tools

Pinterest now offers Promoted Video, a tool they claim 67% of viewers are inspired to take action from.  Offering videos that demo products, tell your story in a unique way, or cause a catalyst for positive change all increase your brand identity, as well as your customer loyalty.  

While the Norman Rockwell shopping scene may only exist in Norman Rockwell's work, a little creativity in your modern, social media marketing can go a long way. With knowledge and the right tools, your brand can inspire your clients in new and exciting ways that work with your omnichannel approach.