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September 08, 2016

Money on a mission: 6 ways everyday (business) heroes are doing good

By Mandy Hawkins

Sometimes it may seem that the world has fallen apart.  Scandals are common practice.  Violence separates people.  Corporate greed is at an all-time high.  

Fear not!  

A light of hope illuminates through the darkness.  There are those who continue to show kindness, give back, or even give it all away.  Who are these do-gooders, these cape-less crusaders?  What can they teach us?

Here are six lessons we learned through our new heroes:

1. Last season’s fashions can become this season’s violins, or baseballs, or paintbrushes.  

Don’t waste time posting pictures of outgrown clothes, outdated fashions, or that “what was I thinking” pair of jeans on a swap site.  Instead consider Schoola, an organization that takes clothing drives to a new level.  

When schools participate in clothing drives using Schoola’s mail-in program, or organize a school-wide drive, the money earned is invested into programs that are underfunded or cut from a school’s budget: fine arts, physical education, and field trips.  The program has been a great success, with top-earning schools raising over $50,000.

2. Your morning brew has the power to rev up your favorite cause.  

What’s more invigorating than a good cuppa Joe?  How about knowing that your purchase was fully given back to the charity of your choice.  That’s right, 100% of Cozzee’s proceeds are passed on.  This socially conscious company also ensures all beans are ethically sourced.  

We’ll sip to that!

3. There is a lot to see in a clear glass of water.

Just look at the water poured into a glass purchased from Faucet Face.  

You can see people in India receiving filtration systems and finally drinking from safe, clean water.  You can see job creation.  You can see lives changed.  Faucet Face donates a portion of their proceeds into water filtration systems that are installed by locals.  

We think that’s a good reason to see the glass half-full.

4. One man’s trash truly is another’s treasure.  

What started as a garage sale fundraiser for Karen Smith soon grew too big for one garage.  Karen’s mission was to love on the war-torn, AIDS-ridden children of Kenya, and her big dream was realized through the miscellany most people no longer wanted.  

Since its humble beginnings, Get the Word Out now operates out of St. Louis, Missouri where they offer resale items as well as handmade treasures crafted by Kenyan women.  Proceeds slotted for Karen’s cause go to clean water, education, safe houses, and more.  

5. You can “change the world in your sleep.”  

Okay, while the Purpose Hotel hasn’t yet reached its crowdfunding goals, we couldn’t help but give a shout out to this concept.  After all, a project this big is catching the eyes of prominent press, Hollywood A-Listers, and non-profit organizations who want to see this vision come to fruition for founder Jeremy Cowart.  

Every aspect of a stay at the Purpose Hotel is cause-driven: bookings sponsor children, internet fees help fight human trafficking, every product used and sold comes from a cause-driven corporation.  Jeremy’s slogan, “change the world in your sleep” has us dreaming of full funding and changed lives.

6. Bald is beautiful.  

Especially when it’s donned by a child battling cancer.  That’s what Jessica Ekstrom saw when she looked into the eyes of some brave kids who changed her life during a summer internship.  She wanted to give these children hope, and it came in the form of headbands.  

For each item purchased on her online store, Headbands of Hope, she donates a headband to a child facing cancer.  When cancer patients lose their hair, they also often lose a part of their self-identity.  

Beauty comes in many forms: headbands, smiles, and hope.

Migo IQ salutes these heroes for looking beyond themselves, bottom lines, and capital gains.  Want to change the world with us?  We all have a part to play.  No cape required.