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July 16, 2016

Summer reads, cold cocktails, and making memories: what we love, July 2016 edition

By Caitlin Lawson

Happy Summer and welcome to the second post of our Monthly Series, "What We Love." Get to know the team at migo IQ a little bit better as they share with you the things that make them happy.

This month we feature a recommendation for your next summer read, a recipe for a refreshing Jäger Ginger cocktail, and an app to create mini-video memories.


1. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman



Recommended by:
Annie Mueller

Make this book your next summertime read. Annie tells us it’s “interesting, edgy, a little dark but full of hope, with phrases that will make you stop and appreciate Gaiman's skill with words."

Learn more about Neil Gaiman on his website and grab yourself a copy of Neverwhere over on Amazon.


2. "On First Thought" by Linus Edwards



Recommended by:
 Jonathan Kotthoff

Linus Edwards uncovers first reviews of (at the time) new Apple products: original Mac in ‘84, iMac in ‘98, iPod in ‘01, iPhone in ‘07, and the iPod in 2010. Kotthoff explains, "This is a great article about how most people miss the forest for the trees when something is new." 


3. Cold, Refreshing Drinks


Recommended by: Joe Mueller

This month Joe recommends cold, refreshing drinks. Why? Maybe for help beating the summertime heat? Or overcoming startup stress? Or maybe a little bit of both. According to Joe, anything with Jägermeister works.

Jäger Ginger anyone?


4. Boomerang App from Instagram


Recommended by: Katie Cady

As part of our content/social media team, Katie is loving the Boomerang app from Instagram to create fun, mini videos by shooting bursts of photos. We're using Boomerang to introduce members of our team.

Check out Jon's video here and don’t forget to give us a follow @migoIQ.


5. The Beast by cultivate3d



Recommended by: The migo IQ Development Team

Our entire Development Team likes to hypothesize about the cool stuff they could make on a 3D printer... Or two... Or a hundred. They're currently coveting this large-capacity printer called "The Beast."

It did have us thinking… What would you create?


6. SpaceFlight Insider


spaceflight insider

Recommended by: Manuel Rivera

Manuel, who started as an intern and quickly became a key part of the dev team, enjoys keeping up with all things space and recommends to us SpaceFlightInsider.com. SpaceFlight Insider provides continual updates and live blogs on current space missions, scheduled launches, and the latest space-related news.